Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just one night

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It was raining heavily. Rahul had lost all his hopes by now. He had asked for accommodation at various hotels, but was turned down due to no vacancy. He had only two options left – try his luck one last time at hotel sangeetha or spend the night in the streets. It was a very bad day for him. He had come to a remote town for official purposes and was supposed to return to his hometown tonight itself. But he missed the train due to bad weather and since then he had been searching for a room for a night stay.

At hotel sangeetha, a young beautiful receptionist stood talking in her mobile.

“Hey, will call you back ok…Yes sir, may I help you?”

“I very badly need a room. Now please do not say no”

“Please wait sir. Let me check”

After few minutes,


“Oh please. This is the 11th hotel I am trying. Just check if you can do anything. Even if it is a 10x10 room I can adjust”

“Well, we have one room sir…but there is a small problem…”

“Never mind…I do not care whatever the problem is. Just give me the room keys ok. I am very tired and need to rest my legs”

“Ok sir. Here are your keys. Have a good stay!”

Rahul went to his room. It was as dirty as dirty can be. The door mat was torn. The bed cover looked like it was not changed for ages. He swore he saw a mouse running across the room. The mirror was scribbled all over. There was grease, spilled coffee, bits of paper everywhere. He spoke loudly “Don’t they have HOUSEKEEPING???”

He changed his dress to shorts. There was a very old T.V. He switched it on only to hear some static but no video. He cursed at his own fate and lied down on his bed. Precisely at that moment, he heard the bathroom door open and a young woman came out.

“Oh!! So sorry madam, I did not know you were here. I think this is the wrong room. I will vacate immediately”

“Hey…wait, do not apologize. I can understand it is not your fault. And my name is Anitha, not madam”

“Aah, sorry Anitha. I was desperately searching for accommodation. When the receptionist told me a room was available, she was about to say about some problem. But I did not care to listen to her”

“That is fine. You look like a perfect gentleman. So if you do not have any problem, we can share the room for tonight. It is just one night anyway”

Now Rahul observed her closely. She was very beautiful and had a cute oval shape face. Small hair curls that fell on her forehead added to her beauty. She was very fair, sharp eyes, pointed nose, inviting cheeks and lovely chin. He wished to move down further, but could not as she was looking at him waiting for his reply. He thought how many men get such good opportunities and he is not committed, and when this woman is ready, why should he deny. Finally he replied

“Ummm…If it is fine with you, then I also do not mind Anitha”

They lied down on the bed each facing their backs to one another. Rahul was very tired before, but now could not even close his eyes for a second. He was burning with desire to turn around and make the first move. But he forced himself to stay at that position as he was constantly reminded of being called a gentleman.

After what seemed to be hours of sleeplessness, he decided and turned back. Anitha had turned to his side by now. She was sleeping peacefully looking like a child. At this close proximity, he could not make any move towards her. All his lust had melted by now and what he felt was pure love. He was simply looking at her and went to sleep after a very long time.

He woke up the next morning and found that the time was 7:30. He turned around, but Anitha was missing.

“Oh God, I did not even get her address or phone number. How am I ever going to see her again? OK, I will return back in few days and find her and marry her” he vowed to himself.

He got ready quickly and went down to check out. The receptionist welcomed him as usual with a ready-made smile

“Hope you had a good stay sir”

“Yes sure. Thanks.”

“BTW, did you have any problem while staying?”

“Not at all, it was great. I will be coming back in few days and I prefer taking the same room”

“Hmmm…that is surprising sir”

“Why? Got any problem?”

“Well, actually sir, I was about to tell you this last night, but you were in a hurry and did not listen. There was a housekeeper called Anitha who worked here. She was very poor and could not get married because of dowry issues. One day depressed she committed suicide in the room which you stayed. Later on whenever anyone stayed in that room, we hear complaints like some lady appears in the middle of the night and fancies to stay with them…”

Rahul fell down unconscious.

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